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BDSM Lesbians Dominated By A BBW Mistress

bbw mistress3 BDSM Lesbians Dominated By A BBW Mistress

Heavy domina Violet is back and she plans on striking harder than ever. She brought home two very sexy, skinny models and she is about to play a little pervert game with them. Once those pretty babes get undressed, our bbw mistress gets out her s&m equipment and demands them to server her and no one else. One of them gets blindfolded so she can hear, but can’t see what Violet will do with her lover. Before she gets out her biggest whip, she gently strokes through the girl’s pretty hairs. Once she feels her sadist side getting control she pulls her hair and forces her to eat out her fat tongue hungry twat. The rebellious slave cries out for her friend, but gets the whip instead.

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Corpulent Couple Loves Playing Dirty Games

bbw mistress5 Corpulent Couple Loves Playing Dirty Games

These lovely ladies like their little games. During the day they both have high profile jobs, but at night their second nature takes control. BDSM is their way to relieve the stress and the immense tension of their busy dayjobs. These bbws love the game of control and submission. Today the one in red is voted the domina, but next time it might as well be the one with the purple wig. They both nourish their submissive as well as their dominating side. Fancy dressed in big dresses and tight corsets they gently start their game. Careful at first, but progressively harder along the way. It’s a joy for the eye to see how these bbws grow in their game and how they evolve in their sadist little game.

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Poor Guy Gets A BBW Femdom Encounter

bbw mistress7 Poor Guy Gets A BBW Femdom Encounter

This poor guy has been a bad bad boy today and his chubby wife is not going to let him free riding without a punishment. We won’t discuss what he has or hasn’t done, but when we look at the punishment he’s getting, it’s without a doubt a big mistake. He got home and his spouse was waiting for him in her latex bbw mistress outfit, so he knew immediately what to expect. Without a word she ripped of his clothes and strapped on her big ass strapon cock. Screaming and running was futile as this poor skinny guy was totally dominated by his big woman. Without lube and without spit she rammed her plastic chisel right up his little asshole. He screams, but deep inside he loves it. He deserves the punishment and he loves being treated like the filthy nobody slave that he is.

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Greedy BBW Mistress Needs Two Slaves To Fulfill Her Urges

bbw mistress10 Greedy BBW Mistress Needs Two Slaves To Fulfill Her Urges

This sexy and seducing looking bbw mistress is proudly introducing both of her gorgeous skinny slaves to us. She is confident in her big shape, but she loves skinny, like a model looking girls. Her sex drive can’t be handled by a single girls, so she is in need of two. These two subs are a hundred percent loyal to her and follow her every move and command. When she snaps her fingers, her pussy will get eaten and when she claps her hands her tits will get worked. Her slaves can even fulfill their own lesbian nature as their bbw mistress loves to watch and steer them in the right direction.

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Big Fat Tit Torture

bbw mistress9 Big Fat Tit Torture

Poor big girl Carla shouldn’t have agreed to her master in today’s torture game. He had a special tool in his garage he was dying to test out on an unsuspecting victim and Carla is nothing more than that. Carla got bounded and gagged, before she was put on a chair and got her tits put together in tight bondage. Her blue breasts scream for some oxygen, but all they will get is a bit of heat. That’s right: her master is trying out his new tool and it’s his new heating device. He uses it on her tits to get up their temperature in combination with the bondage which is causing her big mammaries to go blue. Both pains make her feel sick at first, but the pain causes pleasure, like in so many situations. She tries to scream, but she can’t produce any sounds. The pain goes on, but the pleasure gets on the dominating side and in the end a climax is at sight.

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Mama’s Favorite Slave Is Getting A Piece Of BBW Ass

bbw mistress8 Mama’s Favorite Slave Is Getting A Piece Of BBW Ass

Today bbw mistress Kelly is in a good mood and after her usual routine of sadist games she invites her favorite slave to take out his cock and she allows him to pollute her shaved sanctuary with it. Of course he had to put a leather mask over his head so she didn’t have to look at his ugly face. To make sure she doesn’t need to see anything more than his little wiener he only gets to fuck her from behind. The only thing she wants from this slave is his warm meat pumping her eager wet pussy. He is not allowed to drop his load inside of her and he will get severe punishment if he cannot keep control of himself.

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