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Fat Girl With Big Tits Bondage

bbw mistress6 Fat Girl With Big Tits Bondage

This smoking hot fat bitch got blindfolded and bounded as a preparation for her punishment act later on the day. She disgraced her bbw mistress at a party earlier on and now she has to pay for that with her own body. For starters she got her tits tightly bounded in ropes and she was put on a pair of special tight nipple clamps. She can’t see nor hear what will happen next, but her dominatrix is standing ready with her cane to spank her like the little bad girl that she is. The ropes are causing pain on her tits, but she can bare that. She even finds it a bit pleasant. That feeling won’t last, thought, when her punishment really takes off and that cane hits her big ass for the first time. She’ll never see it coming.

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BBW Bottom Spanking

bbw mistress4 BBW Bottom Spanking

Very sexy bbw mistress Kelly shows proudly her mature bbw friend’s red striped ass. She personally took care of that, while her master was making sure she did a thorough job. This domina likes to be in control, but today she has a male master who is directing the show. He gives commands and loves to watch, but that’s it. He doesn’t want to be in the game. Kelly still gets to punish and inflict pain on her mature slut, so she is all right with that. This game is new for her as well: dominated on one side and a submissive toy on the other. Kelly will find it resulting in a mind boggling conflict and she will get handcuffed and left for dead by her caned slave.

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BBW Mistress Directs Her Private Live Porn

bbw mistress1 BBW Mistress Directs Her Private Live Porn

BBW mistress Violet loves to be in command and she loves to watch. This time she can have both as she is telling a young stud and a horny blonde exactly what to do and, more important, how hard she wants them to do it. Watching them fuck and being able to be in total control makes her just as horny as she wants to be. She sits there in her chair, or maybe we should call it a throne, watching her little slaves and it’s just a matter of time before she commands them to take care of herself. The only thing this sadist bbw is going to wait for, are the first signs of her puppets climaxing. Off course that cannot happen , so right before the orgasm she will command them to stop and take care of her own luscious body.

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Big Beautiful Mistress Ties Up Her Slave

bbw mistress2 Big Beautiful Mistress Ties Up Her Slave

Sensual looking big beautiful Kelly is tying up her lady friend, who will serve as her slave for the night. She gets bound to the bed in bondage and the nipple clamps are put in place. BBW dominatrix Kelly is about to go dress herself up in the costume she had put out especially for this occasion, but she had to make sure her slave was in place and not going anywhere. She then decides to put an extra level of strength on those nasty little torture devices, which results in a rebellious slave. This will surely get punished later on, but for now our big beautiful mistress keeps her calm and stays in control of the game.

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BDSM Lesbians Dominated By A BBW Mistress

bbw mistress3 BDSM Lesbians Dominated By A BBW Mistress

Heavy domina Violet is back and she plans on striking harder than ever. She brought home two very sexy, skinny models and she is about to play a little pervert game with them. Once those pretty babes get undressed, our bbw mistress gets out her s&m equipment and demands them to server her and no one else. One of them gets blindfolded so she can hear, but can’t see what Violet will do with her lover. Before she gets out her biggest whip, she gently strokes through the girl’s pretty hairs. Once she feels her sadist side getting control she pulls her hair and forces her to eat out her fat tongue hungry twat. The rebellious slave cries out for her friend, but gets the whip instead.

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Corpulent Couple Loves Playing Dirty Games

bbw mistress5 Corpulent Couple Loves Playing Dirty Games

These lovely ladies like their little games. During the day they both have high profile jobs, but at night their second nature takes control. BDSM is their way to relieve the stress and the immense tension of their busy dayjobs. These bbws love the game of control and submission. Today the one in red is voted the domina, but next time it might as well be the one with the purple wig. They both nourish their submissive as well as their dominating side. Fancy dressed in big dresses and tight corsets they gently start their game. Careful at first, but progressively harder along the way. It’s a joy for the eye to see how these bbws grow in their game and how they evolve in their sadist little game.

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